Adult Acidophilus & Bifidus – 50 Billion – Probiotics


For Antibiotics – 50 billion per capsule

14 capsules • 1 capsule per day
 Ultra-high-strength ProVen Probiotics
 50 billion friendly bacteria per capsule
 Multi-strain research-backed friendly bacteria for adults
 Proven to survive stomach and bile acids
 For use alongside antibiotics

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Friendly bacteria alongside and following antibiotics

Our gut bacteria (microbiome) is fundamental to our health. It has a wide range of functions in our body and maintaining a balance of ‘good’ to ‘bad’ bacteria is key to supporting our microbiota.

Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria that cause disease, but, in many cases, they do not distinguish between good and bad bacteria – they destroy all bacteria indiscriminately. As a result, taking antibiotics can very quickly lead to an imbalance in the gut microbiota and balance may not be restored once the course of antibiotics is complete.

This gives the bad bacteria an opportunity to multiply and grow and may cause side effects such as antibiotic-associated diarrhoea and subsequently lead to permanent changes in the structure and composition of our microbiota.

Taking friendly bacteria such as acidophilus and bifidus alongside and following antibiotics may help to maintain a balanced microbiota.


Multi-strain ultra-high-strength live bacteria

ProVen Probiotics Adult Acidophilus & Bifidus – 50 Billion is an ultra-high-strength friendly bacteria supplement for use alongside antibiotics for adults aged 16+. Each capsule contains 50 billion friendly bacteria and should be taken both alongside and following a course of antibiotics, allowing at least two hours between taking the antibiotics and taking the probiotic capsule.

Supported by a unique body of UK-based clinical research, the Lab4 live bacteria in ProVen Adult 50 Billion is the most comprehensively studied group of friendly bacteria in the UK.

Key features

 Ultra-high strength friendly bacteria for adults
 Contains extensively-researched Lab4 friendly bacteria
 1 capsule per day
 For alongside antibiotics


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