Anonymous #F2

Start weight: 14st 2lbs
Current weight: 12st
Total lost: 2st 2lbs (30lbs)


*Client Review*
I've just finished the second stage of Mark's plan. The first stage definitely changed my mindset about food and things I thought I couldn't have (butter, nuts, cheese etc.) and the second stage has helped me to introduce some really tasty recipes! This plan, all the advice (and the odd telling off when I went off plan!) along with Mark's daily check in's has totally changed my life. I was so unhappy and stuck in such a rut, yo yo dieting on all sorts of wierd and wacky diets and never actually able to stick to them for more than a few days. Each time I failed another diet I felt even worse. I'm so glad some friends recommend him and his plan to me. It's been hard sometimes but I've never felt hungry, in fact some days I've struggled to eat everything! I've said 'current weight' and not 'end weight' because I've not finished yet. Ideally I would've like to lose another 5 or 6lbs but I haven't been 100% this last few weeks and I feel like I haven't really done Mark's plan justice, so I'm going to do a further 3 weeks to make up for it and smash my goal!! Thanks for everything Mark!!


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