Start Weight: N/A

End Weight: N/A

Total Loss : 28lbs (2 stone)


Beth's Review :
Thank you so much to mark, never in a millions years did I think 12 weeks ago I would of changed my complete mindset over food! Being a big foodie, I loved food too much and just carried on gaining weight! Mark has changed the way I think about food and what I need to keep my body healthy. I havnt had time to fit my pt sessions in why starting a new job but with being so strict on my diet and having mark to help me through I have done this just through diet! I lost 7 pounds my first week an close to 2 stone! im not a big beliver in the scales and go by my clothes that all now fit me again! Thank you much mark I can't wait to carry on my journey because this is just the start! Anyone thinking off starting a plan with mark I recommend a million percent.


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