Start Weight : 14st 12lbs
End Weight : 10st 8lbs
Total Loss : 4st 8lbs (64lbs)


Started a second innings with mark and I couldn’t be happier both physically and mentally, I no longer crave any shite drinks only 5L of water and a coffee each day.. I have zero urges for shite food neither as I now realise what I’m putting into my body.. and mark has guided me through this explaining everything on the way, day or night he’s on it

thanks for introducing me to raw milk .. anyone else on the plans get onto it, it’s amazing and miles better than any other type/colour milk by miles !!!!

And eggs, day 1 I nearly threw up having 4 eggs.. now I’d be lost without them 🤣🤣🥚🥚

4st 8lb total weight loss 🤯

Thanks mark 💪🏻😆


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