Start Weight : 13st 7lbs
End Weight : 12st 3lbs
Total Loss : -18lbs 😁


Emma Review:
"12 weeks ago, I started a journey towards being a healthier and stronger version of myself. I hated the way I looked, wouldn't look at myself in the mirror and was constantly thinking of how fat and horrible I was. One night, I begged my husband to start eating healthily and he agreed. After months of looking at progress pictures of Mark's other clients,we finally took the plunge together and started on our journey.

I can honestly say it's the best thing we have ever done. Mark is so inspiring and shares so much information. He is literally a fountain of knowledge and absolutely amazing at his job! Nothing was ever too much trouble and he kept in constant contact, even when I was mithering the life out of him!

Mark has managed to turn me from a lazy, junk-eating couch potato into a more active and healthier version of myself. I'm finally starting to like who I am! After a couple of weeks of awful migraines, Mark suggested drinking salt water. I'm now drinking it everyday, enjoying the food on my meal plan and running a few times a week. I've even been getting up earlier to do burpees!

Anyone thinking about getting healthy and starting their journey, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Mark and getting started! " - EMMA


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