Grass-Fed Colostrum – APE Nutrition – 150g


Colostrum is the ‘first milk’ produced by cattle in the hours following their infants birth to develop the calfs immune system and trigger growth. Our colostrum is from grass-fed / finished cattle and is ethically sourced from the surplus left after the calf has been fully nourished. We gently spray dry the milk into a powder, which is packed with nutrients, peptides and growth factors. This makes it an incredibly potent natural supplement for immunity, lean muscle / connective tissue growth and gut health. Each tub contains 150g which equates to 30-50 serving

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Our ancestors understood the importance of eating the whole animal, nose to tail and utilising everything it had to offer. They appreciated that animals gave their lives to ensure us as humans could survive and thrive so they left nothing go to waste. Also, because of their deep connection with the earth and their own bodies they intuitively knew just how nutrient dense colostrum is. Finally they believed that drinking the colostrum of a healthy animal, would strengthen their health and vitality.  Fast forward to today and the immense power of colostrum has somewhat been forgotten. What was once highly sought after is now rarely consumed. We created our grass-fed colostrum powder to help people reintroduce this ancestral superfood, loaded with nutrients, peptides and growth factors in an easy to consume way.

Nutritional Information: One Serving (5g) - Kcal: 3.1 - Fat: 0.1 - of which Saturates: 0 - Carbohydrates: 0 - of which Sugars: 0 - Fibre: 0 - Protein: 0.5 - Salt: 0

Ingredients: 100% Grass-Fed Bovine Colostrum Powder


Take 3-5g (1 heaped tsp) per day. This can be blended into milk, yoghurt, water or shakes. If being added by hand it’s best to mix it with a small amount of liquid into a paste before topping up to reduce clumping.


Can be taken at any time throughout the day. If being used as a general wellness supplement, we suggest consuming 5g per day. However if being utilised to recover from illness or injury, we suggest doubling the serving to 10g per day.


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