The 12 week food plan has consistently proven to help clients lose weight, and in many cases considerably change the quality of their life.  The programme is designed to educate clients in understanding the importance of nutrition when it comes to health and longevity.
Foods that promote hunger will be eliminated and replaced with healthier options that leave you feeling fuller for longer.
The benefits you will receive from incorporating this diet into your life are: improved energy, better quality of sleep, clearer skin and weight loss.
If you have tried everything else, hit a plateu or just looking to make some healthier changes to your life, then this is the plan for you.

12 Week Programme: How It Works

Set Up
1) Upon sign-up you will recieve some general questions regarding age, weight, height etc.
2) You will send before pictures before the start of plan.
3) You will recieve 'X' amount of food for one day and you will repeat this for 2 weeks.
4) After two weeks you will be given the option to replace one of your meals.
5) After three weeks you will be given the option to replace two of you meals.
6) Once your first month is complete, you will be given the option to make as many changes are you like each week.
7) At the end of weeks four, eight and twelve you will send over progress pictures.

Food & Drink: What you are allowed
1) No wheat, barley, oats or rye.
2) No alcohol
3) No sugar or sweeteners.
4) No refined carbohydrates.
5) No cheat meals.
6) No carbonated drinks.
1)Each morning you will recieve a motivational message to set you up for the upcoming day.
2)There will be a daily check-in each evening to see how your day has gone.
3)You have the option to message, through whatsapp, any questions or enquiries you may have.
4)Previous clients, during their first month, have sent pictures of their meals. This brings another
level of accountabilty, especially at the beginning.



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