John T


Start Weight : 16st 4lbs
End Weight : 14st 9lbs
Total Loss : 23lbs (1st 9lbs)


Johns Review
The most important aspect for me that I had not really considered when I began my meal plan, was this wonderful feeling of empowerment. The meal plan changed not only my eating habits but also how often I go to the supermarket and how super focused I became when choosing my food.
I understood I would have cravings, but I learned quickly to distract rather than feel sorry for myself.
The first couple of weeks felt mechanical but as time passed it felt more streamlined. I do not eat bread, pasta or food with sugar in them.
What has really surprised me is how sweet the fruits I do eat feel compared to prior to the meal plan.
Also, just as important when I do eat I have an amazingly healthy desire for what I’m actually eating, and not thinking about a potential dessert when I’m finished my dinner or lunch.
I appreciated Mark’s guidance and boundaries regarding staying on course.
I’m certainly not done by any account.
My running, swimming and cycling is getting easier and I want to be comfortably fit in 2022.
I intend to stay with my current eating regimen and look forward to having a clearer healthier mind and of course a healthier body to help me navigate my life moving forward.


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