Start Weight : 16st 7lbs
End Weight : 15st
Total Loss : 21lbs (1st 7lbs)


Client review:
Before starting with mark I was at the heaviest I’ve ever been and really unhappy with how I felt and how I looked. I was nervous about starting because of how heavy and unfit I was, but I’d heard a lot of good reviews about mark and how he pushes and cares about his clients so I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and signed up to the nutrition plan and PT.

From day one he’s made me feel really comfortable and hasn’t judged, which was one of the things I was worried about with starting with a PT. he’s supported me all the way through and gave me extra support when the weight wasn’t coming off as quickly as I would have liked.

I’m halfway through my second challenge now and I’m amazed by the difference in both how I look and how I feel. Mark really pushes me which I don’t always like (and moan at him for it) but am definitely thankful for it


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