Life Extensions – Dog Mix – Multivitamin – Non-GMO – Gluten Free


The ingredients of Dog Mix can:
  • Strengthen intestinal, metabolic & immune health with probiotics
  • Support physical health, healthy brain & kidney function with clinically-studied ingredients
  • Provide carnitine to promote healthy energy levels & body composition

The quality ingredients in Dog Mix can provide targeted nutrition to help promote and maintain your dog’s optimal health.

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Product details "Dog Mix"

Animals have unique physiological and structural systems and need specific food and nutrients for optimal health. Household pets are now considered family members who require special attention.

Filling the need, the pet food industry has grown tremendously over the years. Yet, you have to wonder if you acquire the best nutrients for your dog. “Man’s best friend” is a perfect companion who can live a long active life, provided it is properly cared for.

Just like humans, dogs need carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water in a balanced diet to stay healthy. Unfortunately, most dog foods are not necessarily ideal and some have been reported as containing ingredients unfit for animal consumption.

Dogs can tolerate plant-based food, but they need a good amount of meat protein in their diets for their unique systems. Dogs are also affected by age-related issues, like us, thus needing certain nutrients. Carnitine, a derivative of amino acids, is found in nearly all body cells.

Its main role is to turn fat into energy and is especially important for the cardiovascular system. Vitamin E has also been proven to be important for your dog’s health. So, how can you be sure that you give your pet the best nutrition?

Besides high-quality commercial foods that are nutrient-enriched, food supplements are the best way for getting the vitamins and minerals necessary for long healthy lives.

Life Extension’s Dog Mix is among the best products for protecting your pet’s health. Just two scoops per day provide the vitamins your pet needs to stay healthy and strong. Dog Mix contains significant amounts of high-grade nutrients usually reserved for the most expensive human supplements.

It contains flavonoids, amino acids, antioxidants, probiotics, essential fatty acids, methylation enhancers and more. In fact, many commercial pet foods do not contain the vitamins, amino acids, phytonutrients and advanced antioxidants found in Dog Mix.

Life Extension pet supplements contain the same premium-grade nutrients used in the products consumed by Life Extension customers.


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