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12 Week Transformation

Total Loss – 15lbs

Phoebe Review:

“Wanted to do a write up now for a thank you and appreciate how much you’ve done to help me.  I’m amazed at my pics, you’ve not only helped me reach my goal of losing weight, but also taught me so much in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and healthy way of living that im actually going to stick to.  Had PTs in the past and none of them have been as good as you and cared for there clients as much as you do, you don’t do it just for results, you do it to help people get healthy and understand what’s good and what’s bad.  Always struggled of what to eat and how much foods to eat, but I’ve gained so much knowledge these past weeks being with you Mark and will always appreciate it, so grateful!  I now know what to eat and what not to eat and how much of things you need, even when you thought they was bat etc: salt and fats. Your PT sessions are great, very good structure and makes you get them pounds off quicker, you’ll feel confident whilst doing them, highly recommend.  Will deffo be back with you at some point in the future.  Thank you so much, you are the man! 1000% best PT, THANK YOU!”


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  1. Emma Clark

    I’ve been purchasing vitamins from Vitummons for the past few years. I always found looking for vitamins for myself a minefield, especially as I wasn’t sure what or how much I should be taking for my age/health. Vitummons was very informative, it went through he benefits of each product and when and how I should be taking to receive the maximum benefits. Since I’ve been taking probiotics, Vit D, A and C, iron supplements and a multivitamin – I’ve been feeling great. I wouldn’t be without my supplements, even if I go a week without taking, I definitely feel the difference. I would recommend Vitummons purely for the information you receive around the products you are purchasing.

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