ProVen Probiotics – Lactobacillus & Bifidus with A-Z Multivitamins and Prebiotics for Toddlers


ProVen Probiotics for Toddlers (Powder)

30 servings • 2 heaped scoops per day
– With Multivitamins and Prebiotics
– 5 billion ProVen Probiotics per serving
– With multivitamins and prebiotic fibre
– Berry-flavoured powder with a scoop
– The only friendly bacteria supplement with recommended amounts of all 13 essential vitamins specifically developed for toddlers

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ProVen Probiotics for toddlers

The first few years of life

The human microbiome (gut bacteria) is established at birth and throughout the first few years of life and it is now recognized that establishing a robust and balanced gut microbiome is vital to support health.

By three years of age, the composition of the microbiome is fixed for life and founding a healthy balanced microbiome in the first few years of life is critical in supporting the development of healthy immune and digestive function.

A diet that contains lots of vegetables and plant foods can help to support the development of a healthy microbiome, but around half of the toddlers are considered to be fussy eaters and supplementing the diet may be helpful.

Developed specifically for toddlers

ProVen Probiotics for Toddlers has been developed specifically for toddlers from one to four years of age to help support the development of the microbiome and to supplement the diet. It contains the Lab4b group of four types of good bacteria, which naturally form part of the microflora population of infants.

The product also contains 100% of the recommended daily amount of 13 essential vitamins per serving, including vitamin D for normal growth and development of bone and vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D and folic acid, which all contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Finally, ProVen Probiotics for Toddlers contains prebiotics FOS (from fruit and vegetables) and GOS (which naturally forms part of breast milk). This prebiotics provides food for friendly bacteria.

If you are looking for a friendly bacteria supplement that does not include the additional vitamins, there are two ProVen Probiotics for babies – one for breastfeeding and one for formula feeding. These can be used for children up to three years of age and can be found here. Breast-fed and formula-fed.

Key Features
 Each serving contains 5 billion Lab4b friendly bacteria as used in the Swansea Baby Study
 Provides 100% NRV of all 13 essential vitamins
 Contains vitamin D for normal growth and development of bone
 Contains prebiotic fibre (GOS and FOS) to help the friendly bacteria to become established in the intestines
 Mixed berry flavour


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