YAYB – Premium Whey Protein – Unflavoured – 1kg


We have put great efforts into getting YAYB Diet Whey Premium Protein to taste amazing and yet be an affordable price. Our Protein comes in a variety of delicious flavours which we have developed here at YAYB HQ to give a satisfying, low calorie yet high protein treat.  Each serving contains 18 grams of protein and is under 100 calories.

AYB Diet Whey is high in essential amino acids (EAA’s) as well as containing branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s). It does not contain any other fillers or protein blends, European sourced whey protein concentrate.

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How to use:

Simply add the desired amount of whey to your chosen liquid and shake it up! Our protein mixes very easily and will quickly produce a great tasting shake.

(If you use anything other than water to make your shake nutritional values may vary)


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